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How much does it cost to hire your firm?

In many instances, you do not have to pay anything to us if there no recovery. This is commonly referred to as “no recovery, no fee”.
Specifically, on employment and elder law matters, we provide free consultations to determine the merits of your case. Thereafter, we take nearly all cases on a contingency basis, which means that we only get a percentage of whatever we recover for you. Our office does have alternative fee arrangements for these types of cases, and we are happy to discuss those with you based on your individual situation.
We provide flexible and creative fee structures on our estate planning and litigation (probate) matters, including flat fee, hourly and/or hybrids. In probate administration, the Court sets statutory fees to administer estates to a decedent’s heirs and/or beneficiaries.
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What size cases do you handle?

We handle complicated single-plaintiff and class-action/PAGA employment law matters. But this does not mean we don’t also handle basic employment matters including low damage cases. Each case is unique and often many of our clients don’t realize the size of their matter until after talking with our office. That’s why it’s important to speak with our skilled staff to determine the full extent of your potential case.
If you are looking for a will or trust, we handle both small and large estates alike.

What are my rights when I have a disability or am injured at work?

Injured and disabled employees are provided several rights both on a federal and state level. If you are injured at work, your employer is required to provide you with medical treatment for your injuries and provide you with the opportunity to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits. If you have work restrictions or need time off because of your injuries or a disability, your employer is required to discuss potential accommodations with you. If you have been terminated due to your disability or work injury, call us right away to discuss your potential case.

Can I get fired for no reason?

California is an “at-will” state, which in essence means that your employer can terminate you for any reason or no reason. However, employees may have protection against baseless terminations where their employment is based on a contract, or if they fall within certain protected categories (including race, gender, disability, etc.). Similarly, if you are a whistleblower and report violations of law to your employer, it is illegal for your employer to terminate you due to your complaints.

Can an employer make me sign a waiver when I get terminated?

No. An employer cannot force you to sign a release or waiver at the time of your termination. In fact, if your employer requires you to sign a waiver to receive your final paycheck, you should immediately contact our office or a lawyer right away. Be careful especially when an employer tries to give you additional compensation or “severance” in exchange for a signature on a severance agreement. This most likely will result in giving up very valuable rights.

When is harassment illegal?

Harassment in the workplace is highly regulated. Although bullying and “mean girl” behavior is not necessarily illegal. This has been the focus for California Legislatures in recent years following the uprise of the #metoo movement. Once again, employees are protected against harassment due to their protected categories; such as: race, gender, disability, marital status, and others.

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